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      Sharon Jacobs was born and raised in Jersey City. Following extensive training she became a Certified Shorthand Reporter concentrating in the Worker's Compensation Courts.  Sharon put this career on hold to have two children with her husband, Dana.  When the time came for Sharon to return to work they decided to begin Sentinel Building Maintenance, a janitorial services company.  This enabled Sharon to work from home and continue to devote time to the children.  Sharon also felt both honored and privileged to devote a great deal of time caring for her grandparents and parents through their various illnesses in their later years. 
      As more time passed Sharon was able to begin her work with Mary Kay Cosmetics eventually becoming a Sales Director.  Some of you may know Sharon through Mary Kay or her work with Sentinel Building Maintenance.   For nearly 20 years Sharon has been working with people and developing many wonderful relationships.  She recognizes that there is a strong need for ongoing assistance and services in the senior community. Well... it's a new day and she is excited now to be providing senior care services for those who need them.